A Review of the Efusjon Energy Club Business Opportunity

To be fore warned, this review will be the truth and nothing but the truth. It might be pleasant to you and it might not be so pleasant. Before you decide to be part of the Efusjon business opportunity, you need to look into the ownership to start with. Efusjon business opportunity is not a scam. It is a legit business opportunity. They are simply acquiring customers and people that get customers.

Efusjon Leadership
Efusjon was founded by Robert Towles, R.S. Edwards, Marc Sharpe, and Kenny Gilmore. The legal team of the Efusjon Energy club consist of; Gerald P. Nehra and Richard W. Waak who are representing them. I have made as much as necessary research and I am yet to find any disapproving report concerning these groups of People. I am not questioning their integrity and you should not.

The Review of Efusjon Products
In addition, you should take into deliberation the products that Efusjon is marketing before you make the decision if you should join the Efusjon Energy Club. Let’s be truthful to ourselves. It does not matter how huge your team is, if you do not have at least one product that people will buy, it will be tough to earning any substantial amount of money especially in this economy recession moment in time. Unless if it is a scam.

The first product offered by Efusjon is the Efusjon breeze. This drink contains Mangosteen and caffeine plus it has low calories. Efusjon dawn is the number two product. This product contains Quercetin and caffeine. This Efusjon drink can help clean the body and fight tiredness. The third product is the Efusjon Edge. It contains Acai Berry and Caffeine. It has similar benefits as Efusjon dawn. Lastly, there is the Efusjon Raw. The functions of these products are similar to the preceding 3

Furthermore, the next question is how sell-able are these products? Well, If you have read any of our articles, we made it obvious that we are not so fond of selling drinks, baby products etc. However, if you have decided to join Efusjon Energy Club, you 다국적노래방 should know that the market is above average. Do people buy energy drinks? Yes. How often? Sufficient.

However, But what about the competition? The competition is high. Lets us be honest at this time, there are so many different brands of energy juice out there, and I ca not keep track of it. I have a preference though (I am not telling you).

I know what you are thinking now. What about Mangosteen? Efusjon drinks also have Acai berry. Are these not all unique ingredients? Without any disbelief, all these ingredients have great functions in the body. However there are other products marketed through the Network Marketing (Multi level marketing) business model that has very comparable ingredients. So what exactly makes Efusjon unique? That is the question that you should be asking yourself.

Do not get me wrong. Competition is a good thing. However, you are in the MLM BUSINESS. This is your business. In Network Marketing, you should be trustworthy. You should not hesitate to say that you sell the best energy juice in the universe. Can you really say that about Efusjon Energy drink? You shouldn’t have to lie to sell your product. You need to believe in it. In my honest opinion, it will be easier if any of the Efusjon Energy drink is an innovative product which I do not think it is.

A typical Efusjon distributor will be faced with the same problem that the Network Marketers are facing out there, and that is not having access to leads. Using the out dated methods of prospecting and recruiting in the Efusjon energy club opportunity is similar to the traveling from Egypt to the Canaan land by the Israelites. A journey meant for 40 days took them 40 years. You can grow your Efusjon business faster if you leverage the internet and brand yourself online.


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